Ice-breaker Activity: Cold Hands, Warm Introduction

Ice-breaker time!

Ice-breakers are important activities to stimulate students’ interests in participating in class. As the word itself explains, it breaks barriers that have been constructed consciously or unconsciously by an individual.

Before moving deeper into the facts and tips on ice-breakers, let us share with you an ice-breaker which really involves ICE! It is called: Cold Hands, Warm Introduction.

In this fun activity, kids learn interesting tidbits about their partners while racing against melting ice. 

Start by pairing kids randomly with others they don’t know very well. Then, give each pair one piece of ice (make sure ice cubes are about the same size and shape). Explain that the object of the crowd-breaker is for kids to discover as many things as possible about their partners while melting the ice as quickly as possible. Kids must learn basic things about each other such as name, age, school, hobbies, and talents–but also something odd, such as the color of their toothbrushes. If there’s time, each person should find out one little-known or interesting fact about his or her partner. 

Tell the kids that they will be rewarded for using creative ice-melting techniques. They may rub hands, place it in their mouths, under their arms… wherever there’s warmth. When a pair’s ice cube is melted, have them signal, and keep a list of finishers in order. When everyone is finished, have kids introduce their buddies to the large group, sharing what they discovered. 

Give awards to the pair who melt their ice cube first, the person who’s found the most interesting fact about his or her partner, and the pair who found the most creative way to melt an ice cube.

How many of you will try this activity out? Share with us and let us know if you have any better suggestions for improvements!

We will be sharing more ice-breaking tips in our later posts; do stay tuned!