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Mr. Bangalore Kumaraswamy Arun


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Sutinah Safari

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Managers / Company Directors

1. Mr. Bangalore Kumaraswamy Arun

Academic and Examination Board

Mr Tan Yong Fa Caleb obtained an MBA from the National University of Singapore after earning Upper Honours in BSc. He also graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Masters Degree in Mathematics. Even while he was a university student himself, he consistently demonstrated his exceptional skills in Mathematics. He is currently one of the Master Trainers at GIG Education Centre teaching Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers.

Mr Gorthi Samba Siva Rao

With over 30 Years of Education Industry experience, of which Mr Rao spent 17+ years were in International Educational Leadership. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Physics MSc Mysore University. His Personal Mission is to deliver “Quality affordable education, inculcate values & bridge cultures for children the world over”. 

True to his vision, he has played an integral part in successfully setting up Delhi Public School in Kuwait and Indore, Presidency school in Bangalore North, Mayo College (Mayoor School). A true Global Citizen, he has worked in Singapore, UAE, Kuwait & UK where his extensive curriculum expertise of which, 4 are International Curricula (IBDP, CIE, IPC & CBSE-International) has served the schools well.

In his previous capacity of Director Academic & Operations of Global Indian International Schools, he played a key role in implementing Educational Excellence Models as well as spearheaded the attainment of the EDUTRUST certification in Singapore.

In addition, he also served as Academic Advisor to K-12 International Schools in Singapore, UAE & India.

Ms Sutinah Bte Safari holds a BA in English Language and Drama & Performance at Nanyang Technological University. She also earned her Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education, and Certificates in Educational Studies for Creative Writing, Speech and Drama, Music and Movement, Phonics and Public Speaking from The College of Teachers, UK. With over 10 years of experience teaching international and matured students, Tina has accumulated her fair share of cross-cultural exposures to different countries in Europe and commonwealth countries widening her perspective on general social and cultural issues. She brings to herself extensive training experience from the academic arena to the corporate world.

Ms Maviryl Averyl Marie Dasmarinas Orejola holds a Bachelor Degree in Management and Masters in Management at University of the Philippines as a scholar. She was initially a full time academic researcher for 7 years. She has also completed her Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers awarded by Cambridge International Examinations.