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  Certificate of Educational Studies, (Sign Language for Infant & Preschool Curriculum)

Diploma of Educational Studies
 * Creative Language Arts
 * Early Years Enrichment Education
 * Effective Communication in Education
 * Enrichment Enterprise
 * Speech & Drama
 * Teaching Innovation & Creativity
 * Phonics & Early Literacy

Certificate of Educational Studies
 * Communication in Style
 * Creative Writing

 * Creative Thinking & Teambuilding

 * Drama in Education

* Effective Teaching Methodologies
 * Harnessing Innovation &

Music & Movement
 * Phonics
 * Phonetics
 * Public Speaking
 * Speech Development & Creative

 * Speech & Drama in Action
 * Teaching Effective Grammar

 * Early Literacy & Reading




"He could teach signs to his elder brother and us, as we could not remember all the 26 alphabets sign but Jon could and even sign it at super speed ....."


"I didn’t know she could sign so much till one day, when I was sitting with her watching the CD, that I was so surprised and touched that my little baby can do so many signs ......."


The Sign Language for Infant & Preschool Curriculum module aims to introduce, inspire and challenge caregivers of hearing infants and children to re-look sign language from a whole new perspective. 

Especially for parents and caregivers of young infants, a segment is dedicated to help students understand the signing journey an infant would take when they are taught to sign from even birth. The course expounds also on the intrinsic benefits of teaching sign language for different groups of children: infants, preschoolers and children with special needs.


Participants will also understand how sign language could jumpstart early speech literacy skills through using and teaching it in fun and creative ways.


Through lectures, songs, activities and games, participants will learn to use the visual nature of sign language as a fun, interactive and playful educational tool.


They can also expect to be immersed in the signing fun and activities themselves throughout the whole course and will be encouraged to create new ideas in making sign language a language enjoyable to learn and easy to acquire.

Upon the completion of the course participant will be able to do the following: 

  • Sign at least 300 American Sign Language signs in signing categories relevant for a child from birth to 6 years

  • Teach language through

    • singing and signing

    • reading and signing

    • playing and signing

    • finger spelling

    • signing activities

  • Create a lesson plan incorporating sign language

  • Learn to keep children focused on them and pay attention

  • Manage the classroom and children’s behaviour with silent commands

The benefits of weaving Sign Language into an Infant’s Routine or a Preschoolers’ Curriculum

Babies who Sign …

  • Are Less Frustrated

  • Speak Earlier  (Contrary to what many think)

  • Have Higher IQ’s (10-12 points higher)

  • Develop Larger Vocabularies

    • At age 2, signers have about 50 more spoken words than non-signers

    • At age 3, signers speak and understand at a 4 year old level

  • Demonstrate a Greater Interest in Books

  • Have Better Imaginations

  • Enhanced Self-Esteem

  • Experience a Closer Bond with their Parents and Siblings

Preschoolers who Sign … 

  • Develops the English vocabulary

  • Increases language skills

  • Reinforces the learning of basic educational concepts

  • Develops reading readiness

  • Helps retain information for a longer period

  • Increase memory

  • Fosters an enthusiasm for learning

  • Better prepares them for entering primary school


Course format:

  • 3 hrs x 6 weekly lessons (with 1 practicuum)

  • 1 theory examination

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